Tile & facade impregnation - NowoDry WB - 25 liters ready for use


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Professional product for tile and facade impregnation



  • Reduces fouling of moss, algae and black mold
  • The surface retains its breathability and creates a self-cleaning surface, which is why dirt particles have difficulty sticking.
  • Refreshes the surface and prevents aging of the surface
  • Has water pearl effect and effectively prevents moisture and water penetration
  • Prevents salt blooms and prevents frostbite
  • Provides better indoor climate and less energy consumption
  • Preserves the above properties for 10-15 years
  • Withstands cleaning and washing


Product description:

NowoDry WB is a unique product based on water-dilutable siloxane and nano active substances for the care and maintenance of mineral surfaces, concrete, plaster, bricks, fiber cement etc. NowoDry WB is based on the absolute latest nanotechnology, and penetrates deep into and actively connects to the surface, making it resistant to biological fouling. NowoDry WB can be used on both new and old materials. Refreshes the surface and brings out the original aesthetics. Effectively prevents moisture and water penetration into the treated surface.


NowoDry WB can be applied directly to surfaces that are younger than 1 year. If they are older, they must be thoroughly cleaned by rinsing with water and mechanical or manual cleaning with a stiff brush or with a high-pressure cleaner. Surfaces with discoloration and fouling of algae and moss are treated before and after cleansing with Neutralon and finally rinsed thoroughly with a clean mitten. The same goes for heavily soiled surfaces. When the surface is visible and noticeably dry, after approx. 1 day depending on weather, wind and temperature, it is ready for treatment. NowoDry WB is applied to the new or cleaned and dry surface in reasonable amounts with a wide brush, or preferably a low-pressure sprayer (max. 10 bar) or similar. Approx. 1 liter NowoDry WB pr. 3-5 sqm, depending on the age, nature and absorbency of the surface. An application is enough for normal surfaces, but if you want to apply an extra time, this must be done within max. 1 hour after the first application (ie wet in wet), as the surface has otherwise already formed a barrier, which prevents the extra application.


Recommendation before use:

Always perform a test coat on a small test area, to ensure the compatibility and compatibility of product and surface. Also remember that the product must not be applied to glass and windows of any kind, as this can lead to matting of the same.


Technical data:

  • Color: Colorless after application
  • Drying time:  Approx. 1-2 hours at 20 degrees (60% relative humidity) Traffic should only take place after approx. 6 hours, traffic only after a minimum of 24 hours. Cured through after 3-4 days at 20 gr.                                
  • Range: 1 liter per 3-5 sqm surface.
  • Application: On dry mineral surfaces of cement and concrete, as well as brick
  • Application:  Brush, long-lived paint roller or low-pressure sprayer
  • Dilution: Delivered ready for use and must be used undiluted
  • Cleaning: Tools and the like thoroughly cleaned in water
  • Packaging: 25 ltr.
  • Storage: Dry, frost-free and inaccessible to children
  • Decode (93): 00-1

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