About us

The company originates from a consulting company JP Kristensen ApS. In the consulting company I have met a number of companies that have webshops. Many of them have both good hours and challenges.
I think it has been exciting to hear about. And now I think the time was right to put my fingers in running a webshop.
Once that decision was made, it was not difficult to choose category. There is no doubt that we need to take care of our "environment", that is, both our common planet and all living things. 
When I look over all the webshops that are on the market, there is a great focus on selling goods, but not which goods. This is where I want to make a difference.
The products in the shop are carefully selected according to the following criteria:

  • Practical and useful
  • Made from materials that do not harm us as humans or our environment
  • They are transparent - ie. there is evidence for the claim that they are environmental and human-friendly
You will therefore also find pages with documentation for the products. Or at least an accurate description of the production methods. 
So were the products. But it is also important under what conditions the products are made. Here, too, transparency applies. Therefore, I check up on how the manufacturing process is. For example, one of the manufacturers is ISO certified in both production and the environment. They collect all their wastewater for either recycling in their own or others' productions, or for proper destruction. Just to name one example. 
It is important to us that you can shop with us with a clear conscience. We look forward to the cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Jens Peter Kristensen