Vending machine with double cylinder - 6 liters


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Beverage vending machine.


  • Poultry water - Made from 100% organic material.
  • Beverage vending machine - double cylinder 6 liters.
  • With double cylinder so that the water can be filled in,
  • without having to turn the walker upside down.
  • Bayonet socket at the bottom, for easy installation.
  • The cylinder is clamped at the bottom.
  • The drink vending machine can be hung up.
  • Robust plastic in European top quality.
  • Applicable to normal. chickens, turkeys, ducks etc.
  • Capacity 6 liters.

New BIO series from »STÜCKERJÜRGEN«. Made from 100% organic material.
BIO-Plastic is 100% recycled from plant based and vegetable oils = Organic plastic, i.e. crude oil is not used but pure organic oils, which are 100% recyclable.
1 Ton of material binds 3 Tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.
BIO PLAST = A responsible and sustainable production.

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