Bird feed house / feed board - Panorama - with light and everything for feed and water


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Exclusive bird feeder with solid wood base. Painted black and with a metal roof. 

The following makes it a unique bird feeder:

  • Incl. LED solar light so that the house is illuminated when darkness falls (solar cell powered and therefore with a bit of humor described as CO2 neutral
  • Incl. metal water bowl
  • Plastic windows prevent large birds and cats from occupying the dining area
  • Incl. feed silo with tilting lid which ensures easy filling of 3-4 kg game bird mixture
  • Feeding table for laying out teat balls, nuts, bread, etc.
  • 3 solid legs which are assembled with dowels and threaded screw/bush and which are secured with the 3 earth spikes included

The house is 50 cm long and 35 cm wide. The total height is 135 cm.

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