Lav dine egne mejsekugler

Good ideas, tips and tricks

Make your own teat balls

Jens Kristensen

When you feed your birds, it can also be exciting to make your own teat balls. Tit balls are a popular way to feed tit during the winter. They are easy to make and can be customized to your own preferences. We have included an easy recipe and we also offer a feeding ring made of recycled plastic. Then it is easy for the birds to find and eat the balls. The design of the ring makes it less attractive for large birds to visit the feeding ring.   

What is a good puzzle?

Jens Kristensen

A good puzzle can vary greatly depending on individual preferences and skills. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a good puzzle game: Difficulty: Puzzles come in different levels of difficulty. Consider your own experience and patience when choosing the difficulty level. Easier puzzles usually have fewer pieces...

What is the best use of oven thermometers?

Jens Kristensen

Roast thermometers are valuable tools in the kitchen that help you achieve precise temperature control, especially when cooking meat and fish. The best use for an oven thermometer depends on what you're making, but here are some common ways to use it: Core temperature for meat: Roast thermometers are often...

How do you create a cozy terrace?

Jens Kristensen

Creating a cozy terrace is about creating a relaxing and inviting outdoor oasis where you and your guests can enjoy time outdoors. Here are some steps and ideas to create a cozy terrace: Planning and design: Start with a plan. Consider the terrace's size, layout and which features you want...